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    An Imaginative Life

  • Chefs in the Woods Making Food

    The inaugural series from an Imaginative Life.

    Chefs in the Woods Cooking Food

    An introduction. An invitation.

    Join the crew of IL this summer as we make food in the woods.

  • Imagination Run Free

    Some ideas. Some thoughts. Some tools. Some plans.

  • An instagrammed Life

    A running feed.

  • About

    An Imaginative Life is the brainchild of Lindsay Jamieson and Hal Humphreys. We offer suggestions, directions, inspirations for those who wish to imagine more from life.


    Our first production, Chefs in the Woods Cooking Food, is, simply put, a cooking show. The notion of filming outdoor cooking in a beautiful setting took root while Hal and his pal Jason White were sharing meals on the Dinner Knoll.


    CWCF will premier later this spring [Correction: as soon as Covid-19 stops spreading like a wildfire]. We'll update the feed at least once a month with new episodes.


    In the mean time, Lindsay and Hal are always open to new ideas and new ways to explore an imaginative life, so drop us a line in the comments section if you have something to say.

  • Inspiration

    Creative solutions, creative results.

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    Get Fired Up

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    Go Places

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    Express Yourself

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    Expect more.

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