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Good things take a little time.

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We've been busy here at StoryboardEMP.

Our core education offerings are for professionals who need to maintain a license, but our heart and our most entertaining offerings are for curious people - people who just like to learn.

Of course (I know, I know) our Camino/Yoga course is still in production. It just takes a lot of time and energy to crate a brand new course. Example: Benson's course took us a full two years to launch.

Willingham's course, likewise, took a herculean effort to get out the door and online.

So, bear with us on the yoga courses. The Camino/Yoga experience is nearly done and IT. IS. Fantastic.

One other thing: We've been asked by several instagram followers and friends to offer open fire cooking classes. Well, your wish is our command.

Starting this fall, we begin production on a new series of courses for outdoor cooking. This is going to be epic and fun.

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