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Dinner Knoll

Building the set. StoryboardEMP's new series of outdoor cooking classes.

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The evolution of the Dinner Knoll. Somewhere in deep in the woods of Tennessee.

Here's what it looked like at the first of this year.

Beautiful, right? Rustic fire pit. Worn out table. A couple of chairs for sitting. String lights. Not bad. But

Let's get that cooking fire up off the ground. Here's "The Girl," our custom cook top being hauled into place.

Better. A little more level. But -

There's still quite a slope. Chairs tip over, especially after a few glasses of wine. It's better, but -

This is looking correct. The 24 inch drop from top to heel is now a marginal 8 inch drop - enough to drain, but not enough to notice while enjoying dinner.

Much better.

A proper place to cook.

A proper place to eat.

A proper place for spending hours with friend and family.

A cold, but beautiful evening on the dinner knoll with friends. First run at proper dinner. First run at planning the meals to be prepped and enjoyed here. This, my friends, is the set and stage for many episodes of cooking in the woods.

Before ...

After ...

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